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When You Make It

South Coast Winery is a family-owned business. Our wines are 100% estate grown, bottled and certified sustainable.

Estate Grown   This means that all of the grapes in our wines come from our vineyards. We have complete control over the growing practices and farming that directly dictate the quality of all of the grapes that go into our wines.

Estate Bottled   We bottle all of our wines on site. We have complete control over winemaking protocols, bottling process, and warehousing.

Certified Sustainable   This means that South Coast Winery focuses not only on the farming practices of the grapes, but stewardship of the land as well as the wine making process. There is a balance between economic profitability, environmental health, and social equity in the daily decisions made in all facets of our operations. These three pillars are referred to as people, planet and profits. We believe it is our responsibility to future generations to use environmentally sustainable methods to grow and produce our estate wines.

Certified Sustainable

What does that mean? High quality wines produced for YOU.

Here's how:

• Implementing best industry viticultural practices in our estate vineyards to ensure vine, soil and ecosystem/environmental health
• Winemaking processes that protect the environment and conserve natural resources
• Economic viability through shared knowledge of costing, integrated business strategies and long range goals for future advancement.

South Coast Winery is proud to be designated as a Certified Sustainable winery/vineyard and vow to continue to produce only the BEST!