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Explore vine-based treatments and services available at our Southern California spa resort, including massages, facials and more. You can also book a spa day with us with your bridesmaids before your big day, plan a pre-wedding massage and more. Experience one of the top spas in Temecula by booking a treatment with GrapeSeed Spa today.

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South Coast Classic Massage

50 min $125 / 80 min $170

Our signature massage provides circulation and relaxation. Light to medium pressure with long, flowing strokes increases circulation, relaxation, and gives an overall sense of well-being.

Maternity Massage

50 min $125 / 80 min $170

Perfect for 2nd trimester and beyond. Reduces stress for the mother and fetus, decreases arm and leg swelling, and relieves joint pain. Complete with a glass of sparkling cider.

South Coast Warm Stone Massage

50 min $150 / 80 min $180

This customized combination of aromatherapy, warm stones, and Swedish massage techniques melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation. Warm stones expand blood vessels, encouraging blood flow throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 min $150 / 80 min $180

Enhance your performance with a focused approach to soothe areas of chronic pain or tension. Firm pressure brings nutrients to tight muscles.

Deep Relief Back Treatment Massage

50 min $155 / 80 min $185

Warm stones are used in combination with deep massage to achieve total muscle relaxation. Sedona mud infused with sage oil and warm towels are applied to reduce inflammation while your feet are massaged with arnica relief cream. A relaxing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage complete this stress busting treatment!

Ashiatsu Massage

50 min $155 / 80 min $185

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, and consistent pressure using his/her feet and body weight. Loosens adhered tissue, increases drainage, relieves muscle spasms and contractions, and reaches deeper layers of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Ideal for those desiring massages which access deeper layers of soft tissue, but are sensitive to pain or bruising.

Massage Add-ons

Coconut Crush Foot Polish

15 min $25

We begin with a coconut scrub exfoliation to buff away rough soles. Next comes warm towel compressions, evanescing foot tension. End with a relaxing coconut milk massage that hits all the right pressure points.

Hair & Scalp Treatment

15 min $25

Coconut melt is massaged into your scalp to relieve tension and deeply hydrate. The pure coconut oil is pulled through your hair and wrapped in a warm towel to continue deep conditioning for the remainder of your service.


15 min $35

Reflexology utilizes finger and thumb techniques on the feet to promote deep relaxation, clarity of mind, and a sense of well-being. A session assists with: digestive ailments, hormonal imbalance, structural pain, attention deficit disorders, headache/migraines, sleeping disorders, releasing emotional tension, and strengthening the immune system.

Cellulite Solution Enhancement 


Get bikini ready with this new massage enhancement! CelluliTx is a breakthrough solution for those seeking to combat the appearance of cellulite. 11 key ingredients synergistically combine to dynamically target the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can have a significant effect on a person's quality of life – impacting confidence, activity choices, clothing and more. With this add on, you may pick your area of concern and the therapist will then apply the solution. This enhancement is applied during your massage and only available while supplies last. 

Skin Care

Gorgeous GrapeSeed Facial – Awakening

50 min $130 / 80 min $165

Our signature facial will be custom designed to meet your skin’s needs. Rich in vitamin C, amino acids, and botanicals, it is perfect for all skin types.

Epicuren® Signature Facial – Firming

50 min $130 / 80 min $165

This facial utilizes a special protein enzyme which stimulates cell metabolism. It lifts, tightens, and visibly firms facial skin, increasing textural clarity and tone, and improving your skin’s appearance. This state-of-the-art facial is combined with the Epicuren® Six-Step System and specialty products for home care to maintain lasting results.

Royal Facial – Brightening

50 min $150 / 80 min $185

Infused with Vitamin C, this treatment provides instant, visible results. Your skin appears smoother, brighter, suppler, firmer, and lifted with a more defined facial contour.

Silk Radiance Facial – Anti-Aging

50 min $150 / 80 min $185

It begins with an aromatic luxury 3-phase oil cleanser, restoring moisture and embracing the senses. Next, retinol-infused deep exfoliation resurfaces and sloughs off dull dead skin. Our products are enhanced with stem cells and peptides, stopping inflammation in its tracks and preserving skin health and youthfulness for many years.

Hydra Facial – Renewal

30 min $160 / 50 min $215

Appropriate for all skin types. This multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates, and extracts. Removes impurities and dead skin cells while simultaneously replenishing vital nutrients, including antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

**Contraindications: This therapy uses electrical currents. Guests who are pregnant, taking certain medications, or are allergic to aspirin should not use this service.**

LightStim® Therapy – LED Light Therapy

20 min $50

LED light therapy utilizing LightStim® MultiWave Patented Technology is the most effective and affordable technology for achieving healthy and youthful skin. It is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial Add-ons

Lip Love Renewal


A gentle brown sugar scrub starts the exfoliation process. Lips are brought back to life with an organic coconut melt to deeply hydrate. Before you go we will gloss you good to lock in moisture and leave you more kissable than ever!

Eye Treatment


Refresh, smooth, hydrate, and “de-puff” the eye area with this beneficial and relaxing add on for the eyes. Eyelid skin will immediately appear firmer and refreshed!

Glycolic Peel

(Cannot add on to Epicuren Signature Facial)

This Glycolic treatment resurfaces and clarifies skin texture, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, assists in resolving acne, and fades the appearance of discoloration to even skin tone.

Glycolic Hand Treatment

15 min $45

Remove challenges of aging and sun-damaged hands with this customized solution to advance resurfacing, tailored specifically for you. Brighten overall skin tone and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, uneven texture, and discoloration on hands for more youthful appearance.

Body Rituals

GrapeSeed Renewal Scrub

50 min $160

This full-body skin hydration treatment gently exfoliates while Chardonnay grapeseed extract provides powerful antioxidant benefits. A raw sugar-based humectant known for its glycolic acid helps condition, moisturize, and protect the skin from toxins. Enjoy water therapy at its finest with the seven-headed Vichy shower. A Chardonnay grapeseed-infused lotion application completes your therapy.

Espresso Limon Detox Body Treatment

50 min $160

This treatment begins with a dry body brush to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification. You are then immersed in a European inspired Espresso Limon Slimming Oil formulated to purify and tone.

Mint Renewal Body Scrub

80 min $185

Your journey begins with a peppermint and rosemary infused body polish to buff away dry dull skin. Next, a clay mask rich in volcanic ash, sandalwood, and lavender pulls out toxins and rejuvenates the skin. Wash away impurities under the cascading water from the seven-headed Vichy shower. This treatment ends with an anti-aging body lotion that will nourish and protect your skin.

Coconut Remedy Body Ritual

80 min $190

Begin with a total body polishing using our coconut crush scrub. Exfoliating brown sugar and Tahitian coconut shells buff away tired skin cells and allow hydration to penetrate deep into the skin. After a warm shower, an organic coconut melt is massaged into sore, tired muscles, locking in vitamins and essential fatty acids for a total body glow. Last, a nourishing coconut oil scalp treatment and a hydrating foot massage will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Nail Cellar

Coconut Luxury Manicure

50 min $60 / Warm Stone Upgrade $70

This luxury manicure begins with a coconut oil bath to soften hands, followed by a brown sugar and Tahitian coconut shell exfoliating hand treatment. Softened hands are then covered in a coconut balm and wrapped in warm towels for ultimate hydration. A relaxing coconut milk hand and arm massage relieves stress and tension. Cuticles are cleaned up, nails are shaped, and a fresh coat of polish will have you feeling like pure paradise.

Coconut Luxury Pedicure

50 min $60 / Warm Stone Upgrade $70

This relaxing service begins with a warm foot bath to soften your tired feet, followed by a brown sugar and Tahitian coconut shell exfoliation. You will just melt when your feet are massaged with coconut balm and wrapped in hot towels for total hydration. Coconut milk locks in moisture during a relaxing leg and foot massage. Service includes cuticle clean up, nail shaping, and a finish with a fresh coat of polish.

Coconut Hydrating Foot or Hand Treatment

25 min $40

Start with an exfoliating brown sugar Tahitian scrub, followed by a warm towel compression to refresh tired or sore hands and feet. Finish with a cooling coconut body milk hand or foot massage.

Polish Change

25 min $30

A quick clean up and polish change for those short on time.

***We do not apply or remove any Gel Polish or Acrylic. Please make sure it is removed before your treatment.***



Chin $20
Brow $25
Full Arm $40
Half Leg $45
Bikini $50
Full Face $65
Chest $65
Full Back $85
Full Leg $85

Spa Day Pass

Hotel & Villa guests receive a Spa Day Pass upon check-in | 8:00am-6:00pm | Available Seasonally. (Not Available Memorial Day - Labor Day)

$45 per guest, per day for guests not staying on property | 8:00am-6:00pm | Available Monday - Thursday, Weekends based on availability.

Enjoy access to the pool, jacuzzi and spa amenities such as the sauna, steam room and locker room facilities.

*Spa guests not staying on property who have purchased a treatment of $60+ are not required to purchase a day pass and will have access to spa amenities.

Cabana Rentals

Tuscan Cabana | $170 Daily | Includes a bottle of South Coast Sparkling Wine.

Demi Cabana | $80 Daily | Includes a bottle of South Coast Sparkling Wine.

*Additional guests must purchase a Spa Day Pass from the spa receptionist desk.

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