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Grapeseed Spa Services

Explore vine-based treatments and services available at our Southern California spa resort, including massages, facials and more. You can also book a spa day with us with your bridesmaids before your big day, plan a pre-wedding massage and more. Experience one of the top spas in Temecula by booking a treatment with GrapeSeed Spa today.

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Spa Services Daily Schedule

Open daily from 8am to 6pm.

Spa Service Facts

Guests should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled service.

Spa Day Pass $75 - Monday- Thursday only

Includes locker amenities, outdoor pool & whirlpool and fitness room during spa hours. Spa Day Passes are not available on holidays and subject to availability. Not available from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Decadence Romance

50 Minutes (Couples) $375
A South Coast Classic massage for two in one of our private couples rooms and ends with a glass of our award-winning South Coast Winery Sparkling wine and chocolate truffles.




Spa PackageAvailable now through March 21, 2024, Monday through Thursday Only.

Warm Stone Chardonnay Massage

80 Minutes for $210
Indulge in this ultra-relaxing warm stone wine therapy massage. A decadent Chardonnay oil is smoothed on to the skin, its rich antioxidant oils will leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished, protecting your skin from the harsh winter elements.

Winter Radiance Facial 

50 Minutes for $165
Our brightest facial yet! This treatment is designed for all skin types looking to even skin tone and hydrate. Using strategically blended ingredients, we can customize your facial to discover optimal results. Achieve radiantly hydrated skin ready for winter’s kiss.

Refreshing Peppermint & Vanilla Manicure or Pedicure

50 Minutes for $80
Refresh and hydrate your hands or feet with this invigorating peppermint scrub and soothing vanilla body butter nail treatment. Conclude with your choice of Dazzle Dry® long-lasting nail enamel.

Includes a pre-selected glass of South Coast Wine or Sparkling.

Spa specials cannot be combined with any other coupons, promotions, or discounts. Spa specials each include a pre-selected glass of South Coast Wine or Sparkling Wine. Not valid on holidays.


Each includes a glass of pre-selected wine.

MassageSouth Coast Classic Massage

50 Minutes $175 • 80 Minutes $210
Our signature massage helps to heal and restore the body. Using moderate pressure with long, flowing strokes will increase circulation, relaxation, and give you an overall sense of well-being.

Maternity Massage

50 Minutes $180
Perfect for 2nd trimester and beyond. Reduces stress for the mother and baby, decreases arm and leg swelling, and relieves joint pain.

South Coast Warm Stone Massage

50 Minutes $190 • 80 Minutes $225
This Swedish style massage incorporating warm basalt stones, melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation. The warm stones expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

Deep Relief Back Treatment Massage

50 Minutes $190 • 80 Minutes $225
Find profound relief with this therapeutic back treatment. Warm stones are used in combination with deep massage techniques to achieve total muscle relaxation. Sedona mud infused with sage oil and warm towels are applied to reduce inflammation. Complete this stress-busting treatment with an arnica infused massage.

Couples Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

50 Minutes $200 • 80 Minutes $235
Enhance your performance with focused techniques that relieve areas of chronic pain or tension. Firm pressure brings nutrients to tight muscles.

Customized 20-Minute Massage

20 Minutes $80
This abbreviated massage is customized to focus on your specific needs.

Aromatherapy Massage

50 Minutes $190 • 80 Minutes $225
Slowly breathe in and out with this renewing aromatherapy massage. Select lavender oil for a calming and relaxing experience or citrus oil for a refresh and uplifting sensation.

Couples Massage

Enjoy your massage side-by-side in our private Couples suite. Add $10 for each massage.
Excludes South Coast Warm Stone and Deep Relief Back Treatment Massage.



Enhancements will be performed during your 50 or 80 minute treatment

CBD Cause+Medic Pain Relief 

Take your massage to the next level with a soothing CBD massage by Cause+Medic. Using a combination of massage oil, body butter, along with targeted pain relief cream, you will feel a sense of calm and relief from aches and pains.


We begin with a sugar scrub exfoliation to buff away rough soles. Next comes warm towel compressions, evanescing foot tension. End with a relaxing foot massage using a nourishing lotion with a blend of exotic nut extracts that rapidly hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin on contact.


Nourishing Moroccan Oil is massaged into your scalp to relieve tension and deeply hydrate. The oil is pulled through your hair and wrapped in a warm towel to continue deep conditioning for the remainder of your service.


Experience the benefits of massage Cupping to reduce pain, improve circulation of blood and lymph and promote range of motion. Cupping is available in one target area of your choice.


Each includes a glass of pre-selected wine.

Citrus Glow Body Polish

50 Minutes $175
Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with this exhilarating citrus body polish. This aromatic citrus experience will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated for a truly radiant glow.

Breath of Clarity Body Wrap

50 Minutes $175
This treatment begins with a full body dry brush exfoliation followed by a smooth application of uplifting Breath of Clarity Oil. You are then cozied into a warm envelopment enhanced with scalp and foot massage for a full breath of clarity. 


Nail treatments are performed only on natural nails. Gel polish removal may require an additional fee of $25.
Each includes a glass of pre-selected wine • Enhance any nail service with a CBD upgrade of $10


Luxury Manicure

50 Minutes $80
This luxury manicure begins with a coconut milk bath soak to soften hands, followed by a sugar scrub exfoliating hand treatment. Softened hands are then covered in a detoxifying mask and wrapped in warm towels for ultimate hydration. A relaxing hand and arm massage relieves stress and tension. Cuticles are cleaned up, nails are shaped, and a fresh coat of polish will have you feeling like pure paradise.

Luxury Pedicure

50 Minutes $80
Kick up your feet while this luxurious Fijian pedicure takes you to paradise. This relaxing service begins with a warm foot bath to soften your tired feet followed by a sugar scrub exfoliation. You will just melt when your feet are covered in a detoxifying mask and wrapped in hot towels for total hydration! A luxurious body lotion will then lock in hydration during a relaxing leg and foot massage. Service includes cuticle clean up, nail shaping, and a finish with a fresh coat of polish.


Hydrating Foot or Hand Treatment

25 Minutes $60
Relax in ultimate hydration. Start with an exfoliating sugar scrub, followed by a warm towel compression to refresh tired or sore hands and feet. Finish with a relaxing hand or foot massage to lock in hydration using a nourishing body lotion.

Polish Change

25 Minutes $30
A quick clean up and polish change for those short on time.


Each includes a glass of pre-selected wine.

Skin Care

Cellar Couture - All Skin Types

50 Minutes $175 • 80 Minutes $215
Discover your best skin with this facial exclusively tailored for you.  By revealing your skin’s needs, a specific skin regimen is performed consisting of AHA exfoliation, toning, gentle peel and hydration. Your skin will feel toned and revitalized.

Aged Perfection Facial - Anti-Aging

50 Minutes $185 • 80 Minutes $220
Defy the aging process and unveil your youthful radiant glow.  This facial stimulates collagen production, boosts hydration and smooths skin texture for overall fresh and rejuvenated skin.

Bold and Beautiful - Illuminating 

50 Minutes $185 • 80 Minutes $220
Resurface and reveal a brighter and tighter complexion with this super squad of alpha hydroxy acids to remove dead or damaged skin cells at the surface.  A natural fruit enzyme pumpkin peel is also applied to gently resurface the skin revealing a bright and youthful glow.

Skin Care

Rezenerate NanoFacial - Hydration & Renewal

50 Minutes $215 • 80 Minutes includes LED Light Therapy $255
Nano technology is the newest skin care modality on the market without using invasive systems. Get phenomenal results that reduces fine lines, increases hydration, and helps to correct uneven skin tone, age spots and other skin imperfections. Simply experience the best facial ever.

Velvet Vines - Exfoliation & Rejuvenation

50 Minutes $190 • 80 Minutes includes Faux-Tox Jelly Mask $225
Experience this dynamic trio of state-of-the-art skin modalities to achieve the most optimal result of skin rejuvenation.  Beginning with hydro diamond technology, your skin will achieve superior hydro-exfoliation and extractions.  Your treatment is then enhanced with oxygen infusion to boost cellular turnover and boost collagen. The finale, Cryotherapy is applied to the face, providing a sense of calmness and emerging with smooth, velvety skin.

HydraFacial - Renewal

50 Minutes $280
Appropriate for all skin types, this multi-step treatment cleanses, evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.   - Extend the benefits of the HydraFacial treatment to the neck and décolleté with a 10 Min Add-on for an additional $70.

Refresher Facial - All Skin Types

25 Minutes $95
Experience an abbreviated version of the Cellar Couture in half the time. A great facial option for those on the go.


Enhancements will be performed during your 50 or 80 minute treatment.

Skin Care

Faux-Tox Jelly Mask 

Botox-like peel off mask promotes cellular relaxation, providing skin with additional firmness. It smooths, moisturizes, plumps and relaxes facial features. It goes to work as a real antioxidant and anti-free radical agent to slow down the natural aging process and prevent moisture loss.

Rezenerate Nano

Nano technology can enhance any facial.  It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, and gives the skin a good drink of water.

Neck and Décolleté Treatment

Extend the benefits of any facial to the neck and décolleté.  Deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin.  This enhancement will help to firm aging loose skin while reducing lines on the neck and upper chest.

Luscious Lip Pout

Smooth and refine lips with this enhancement.  We start by exfoliating the lips with a coconut sugar rub to help buff away dry flaky skin.  Followed by a lip plumping with Rezenerate Nano infusion of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and plump the lips.  Ending the treatment with a collagen boosting mask infused with peptides giving you fuller and perfectly defined lips.


  • LIP $20 -15 min
  • CHIN $20 - 15 min
  • BROW $25 - 25 min
  • BROW AND LIP OR CHIN $45 - 25 min
  • HALF FACE $40 - 25 min
  • FULL FACE WAX $75 - 50 min



Decadence Romance

50 Minutes (Couples) $375
A 50-minute South Coast Classic massage for two in one of our private couples rooms and ends with a glass of our award-winning South Coast Winery Sparkling wine and chocolate truffles.

Time To Breathe

80 Minutes (Couples) $455
Unwind with an 80-minute Couples Swedish style massage. A true escape from the stressors of life. A bottle of our finest South Coast Winery Sparkling wine and chocolate truffles will be served to you on our spa veranda. Guaranteed to give you both that much needed, “Time to Breathe.”

The GrapeSeed Bliss

130 Minutes $430
Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with an exhilarating citrus body polish and a South Coast classic massage infusion (80 min). Includes our Gorgeous GrapeSeed Awakening facial enriched with Vitamin C, Pro Vitamins and advanced botanicals (50 min). A truly blissful and uplifting experience leaving you feeling fresh and hydrated. Includes two glasses of pre-selected wine.

Cancellation Policy

The GrapeSeed Spa requires that cancellations be made by 4pm the day prior to your appointment. No-show appointments will be charged the full price of the treatment.

Age Minimum

Guests must be at least 18 years of age to experience treatments at the GrapeSeed Spa.