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Meet Our Chefs

Meet Our Head Chef from The Vineyard Rose Restaurant

Jon Alcala

Executive Chef Jon Alcala

Chef Jonathan Alcala found a love for the culinary arts through his humble upbringings. Growing up between South Bay San Diego and Baja California, Jon was exposed to many forms of classic sustainable cooking. Hunting, fishing, and gathering in Mexico were the incognizant farm to table practices he would partake with his father. The significance of these minimalistic family traditions would pave the way for a culinary journey.

Jon furthered his professional training at the Culinary Institute of America, harvesting a multitude of experiences in food and beverage hospitality throughout Napa valley. This sparked a new found love for California’s cuisine and the concept of conviviality. 

Returning home as a sous chef for George’s at the Cove, Jon emphasized all of the mentioned gastronomical concepts, honing his craft alongside renowned chefs. He would later manage the kitchen at the La Jolla Country Club and Casa de las Campanas, applying his knowledge in other facets to the industry.

Chef Jon would uproot his culinary endeavors to the Temecula Valley as the executive chef/food & beverage director for Mount Palomar Winery, acclimating his concepts and approaches in wine country. In his current role at South Coast Winery/Carter Estate, all menu offerings tell of this particular culinary legacy. He incorporates innovative seasonal menus that conceptually focus on local/hyperlocal ingredients, procured from a network of artisans and organic farmers.

The Vineyard Rose Restaurant team strives to provide a comprehensive and unique guest experience by combining modern/classic techniques, inspirations, and tasteful significance.

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