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Group Therapy Yoga Class

90-Minute Class

This class consists of a select few basic yin and restorative yoga poses, held for longer periods of time. We target our deepest tissues of the body, connective tissue and ligaments, rather than muscle in an effort to increase circulation and lubrication around the joint while allowing the body to release and relax in each pose. To conclude this delicious experience, we will enjoy a tasting of South Coast Winery's Group Therapy. All levels welcome.

Corporate Team Building Yoga

120-Minute Class

During this unique yogic experience, we will work on the following six elements of teamwork by working in pairs or small groups. Together we will laugh, play, connect AND benefit from a dynamic full body workout. This will help cultivate strength, agility, trust, communication, teamwork and it is fun!

TRUST - We learn to trust our partners and ourselves when we surpass our limitations.

COMMUNITY - We build relationships by supporting each other physically and energetically.

COMMUNICATION - Clear communication is the strongest tool in partnerships. Here we develop communication and listening to find the space of mutual support.

FUN - Playing with people and being upside is fun! Trying new things helps us discover capabilities we may never have thought possible.

BALANCED - We progressively train agility of spirit, mind and body.

SMART - Success is measured by how skillfully and efficiently we support other people.


90-Minute Class

Here’s a group therapy yoga and wine tasting session like no other! Our talented yoga instructors lead your group on an amazing 80-minute journey. By focusing on the chakras (or centers of consciousness) within your body, your energy levels instantly build as your sensory journey begins. This yoga session includes wine tasting of six specifically selected wines for a blissful “Wine and Unwind” experience.

Harmonizing Hatha

60-Minute Class

This unique class enables you to find balance of body and mind. With gentle stretching, focused breathing and meditation, your instructor will take you on a journey through your personal chakras resulting in a mind and body that are more fluid and at ease.

Group pricing is based on number of people in your party. Please call to obtain pricing for your group.

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